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Enter any address in the U.S. and pick a radius (anything from 0.1 mi to 5.0 mi) around it. We will instantly generate a report for the area by compiling and processing the most precise and recent data from various sources.

When you select multiple addresses, we provide a side-by-side comparison.

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Each Report Includes

Demographics Current and Forecasted Future Population Racial/Ethnic Composition Age Composition
Housing Owner Occupancy Rate Nearby Section-8 Housing
Environment Quietness Walkability Air Quality Pollen Count Earthquake Risk
Socioeconomics Income Distribution Education Levels
Politics and Ideology 2020 and 2016 Presidential Election Votes
Marriage and Dating Single vs. Married Female to Male Ratio
Safety and Security Property Crime Personal Crime Fatal Car Accidents and DUIs Registered Sex Offenders
Schools Standardized Test Scores State-Wide Rankings Student-to-Teacher Ratio Nearby Charter Schools
And much more.

Moving from NYC, we had no idea how the neighborhoods are in Austin. Maptimum helped us tremendously in narrowing down our options before we even get to Texas.

Daniel U. (Software Developer), Austin, TX

Whenever clients ask me questions about the neighborhoods, I refer them to Maptimum. Every time, they are pleasantly surprised by the level of detail in the reports.

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