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Neighborhood Research Report

This document is a neighborhood research report, presenting information for the following areas:

Address Radius Created on
3417 Breckenridge Dr, Austin, TX, 78744, USA 1.00 mi 10/08/2020
1900 Dauphine Cv, Austin, TX, 78727, USA 1.00 mi 10/08/2020

All reports use the most recent data as of their time of creation.

Table of Contents

  1. Population & Households
  2. Housing Units
  3. Environmental Noise
  4. Walkability, Bikeability, and Public Transportation
  5. Nearby Public Housing and Section-8 Properties
  6. Air Quality
  7. Pollen Count
  8. Earthquake Hazard
  9. Age Groups
  10. Income Distribution
  11. Education
  12. Racial/Ethnic Composition
  13. Politics and Ideology
  14. Marriage and Dating
  15. Pet Ownership
  16. Crime
  17. Fatal Car Accidents and DUIs
  18. Registered Sex Offenders
  19. Public Schools
  20. Charter Schools
  21. Maptimum's Verdict
  22. Your Priorities

Population & Households

Higher population growth in an area can mean higher demand for housing in the future, resulting in higher price appreciation for houses in that area. On the other hand, it can squeeze the area's infrastructure and resources, and reduce the quality of life in the area.

The average household size shows, on average, how many individuals live in a household.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Population (Current) 3,368 18,582
Population (5-Year Projection) 3,629 20,327
Yearly Population Growth 1.50% 1.81%
Number of Households 1,019 8,452
Avg Household Size 3.31 2.20

Housing Units

In general, an area with a higher rate of owner occupancy is desirable, because owners take better care of the property and are more financially and emotionally invested in the success of the neighborhood than renters.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Total Housing Units 1,087 8,854
Owner Occupied 79.12% 34.13%
Renter Occupied 14.63% 61.34%
Vacant 6.26% 4.53%

Environmental Noise

A Soundscore™ rating is a number between 50 (very loud) and 100 (very quiet) that tells you how loud a location is due to environmental noise.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Sound Score 82 (Calm) 80 (Active)
Sources of Noise
Airports Busy Calm
Vehicular Traffic Calm Active
Local Commercial and Community Calm Calm

Walkability, Bikeability, and Public Transportation

Walk Score is a number between 0 and 100 that measures the walkability of any address. The higher the score, the less the need for a car to run daily errands.

Bike Score measures whether an area is good for biking. For a given location, a Bike Score is calculated by measuring bike infrastructure (lanes, trails, etc.), hills, destinations and road connectivity, and the number of bike commuters.

Transit Score is a measure of how well a location is served by public transportation.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Walk Score® 6 (Car-Dependent) 12 (Car-Dependent)
Bike Score® 27 (Somewhat Bikeable) 41 (Somewhat Bikeable)
Transit Score® 23 (Minimal Transit) 33 (Some Transit)
Nearby Transit Routes
Bus 1 3
Rail 0 0
Other 0 0

Nearby Public Housing and Section-8 Properties

The list of subsidized multifamily properties is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is updated on a monthly basis.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Number of Properties 0 0
Closest Property (mi) - -

Air Quality

Air pollution affects health conditions and leads to a myriad of health issues.

Air quality of a location varies throughout the year and within the day. The numbers provided here reflect air quality at a recent point in time and can be useful when comparing multiple locations.

Air Quality Index (AQR) ranges betweeen 0 and 100. The closer the number is to zero, the cleaner the air.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Air Quality Index (AQI) 4 (Good) 2 (Good)
Major Pollutant O3 O3

Pollen Count

Pollen is a fine powder produced by trees and plants. Pollen can severely affect people, especially those with different ailments such as asthma and respiratory issues. It can aggravate these existing conditions or cause these issues in high risk groups.

Measuring unit is pollen particles/m3.

Pollen levels vary throughout the year and within the day. The numbers provided here reflect pollen counts at a recent point in time and can be useful when comparing multiple locations.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Grass Pollen 6 (Low) 6 (Low)
Tree Pollen 0 (Low) 0 (Low)
Weed Pollen 15 (Low) 16 (Low)

Earthquake Hazard

Seismic hazard data are obtained from US Geological Survey (USGS) and use Peak Ground Acceleraion (PGA) to predict the extent of potential damages that can be caused by an earthquake in an area in the next 50 years.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Earthquake Risk No Risk No Risk

Age Groups

Median age is the midpoint age where half the people in the area are younger than, and the other half older than that.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Median Age 31.60 33.90
Age Groups
0-9 Years 17.64% 13.20%
10-19 Years 16.69% 11.24%
20-34 Years 20.99% 27.73%
35-49 Years 24.02% 24.60%
50-64 Years 13.69% 15.15%
65+ Years 7.04% 8.08%

Income Distribution

The median income is the midpoint income, where half the people in the area make less than, and the other half more than that.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Median Household Income $60,600 $63,000
On Food Stamps/SNAP 11.29% 8.16%
Income Brackets
$0-$25K 19.92% 13.16%
$25K-$50K 21.20% 25.50%
$50K-$100K 37.88% 31.14%
$100K-$200K 15.60% 23.70%
$200K+ 5.30% 6.52%


Education level percentages are calculated for individuals 25 years or older.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Less than High School 50.03% 37.40%
High School 17.67% 15.85%
College Degree 29.18% 30.98%
Graduate/Professional Degree 3.13% 15.76%

Racial/Ethnic Composition

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Non-Hispanic White 16.18% 37.84%
Hispanic 74.52% 25.59%
Black/African American 6.09% 13.43%
Asian 2.43% 20.14%
Other 0.77% 2.99%

Politics and Ideology

Most people prefer to live around like-minded individuals. We have collected Presidential Election results at the precinct level (the smallest geographical unit for which voting results are aggregated) so you can observe the voting patterns of the area.

You can also view party affiliation and ideological leaning based on the data and surveys collected by GfK MRI.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
2020 Presidential Election Results
Joe Biden 83.77% 74.65%
Donald Trump 16.23% 25.35%
2016 Presidential Election Results
Hillary Clinton 81.25% 70.76%
Donald Trump 18.75% 29.24%
Party Affiliation
Democrat 27.49% 34.06%
Republican 8.62% 17.02%
Independent 63.89% 48.92%
Ideological Leaning
Very Liberal 12.20% 18.93%
Somewhat Liberal 14.61% 31.87%
Somewhat Conservative 38.00% 29.80%
Very Conservative 35.20% 19.40%

Marriage and Dating

Marital status percentages are calculated for individuals 15 years old or older.

Female to male ratio is calculated for females and males between the ages of 20 and 44.

A ratio greater than 1 shows better dating prospects for men (since women outnumber men), while a ratio smaller than 1 shows better dating prospects for women.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Marrital Status
Single, Never Married 45.36% 43.34%
Married 40.89% 39.62%
Other 13.75% 17.05%
Female to Male Ratio 0.92 0.94

Pet Ownership

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Has Dog(s) 42.20% 31.28%
Has Cat(s) 14.92% 18.26%
No Dog or Cat 42.89% 50.46%


Crime indexes are relative to the national average of 100. For example, a property crime index of 200 in an area indicates that this type of crime is twice as likely to occur in the area compared to the national average. However, one should note that the national average includes many small town and rural areas with lower crime rates than major cities.

Property crime involves private property. Examples include burglary and motor vehicle theft.

Personal crime is characterized as a violent crime that results in physical, emotional, or psychological harm to the victim. Examples include assault and battery.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Total Crime Index 171 156
Property Crime Index 184 163
Personal Crime Index 92 107

Fatal Car Accidents and DUIs

Data on fatal car accidents are usually released by government agencies with a two-year delay. The numbers provided below cover the years 2017-2019.

It is advisable to exercise extra caution when driving in areas known for frequent accidents.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
All Fatal Accidents 5 0
Fatal DUI Accidents 0 0

Registered Sex Offenders

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Total Sex Offenders 8 20
Closest Sex Offender (mi) 0.10 0.06
Conviction Type
Offense Against Children 7 18
Rape 0 0
Sexual Battery 1 1
Other Offense 0 1

Registered Near 3417 Bre

# Photo Name and Address Distance Conviction
Sex offenders list is not shown in the sample.

Registered Near 1900 Dau

# Photo Name and Address Distance Conviction
Sex offenders list is not shown in the sample.

Public Schools

School districts assign children to schools by attendance zones. We have collected information on the schools assigned to each address.

The overall numbers are the average of elementary, middle, and high schools, weighted by the number of students in each level. Detailed information on each individual school is also provided.

Please note that school district and attendance zone boundaries are subject to change. While our data is updated regularly, sometimes it may not reflect the most recent changes. Therefore, please verify the assigned schools with your local authorities.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Avg Test Score 27.32 34.84
Rank in State (Top %) 75.74% 66.70%
Student to Teacher Ratio 14.92 12.33
Students with Lunch Subsidy 78.25% 71.62%
Elementary School
Avg Test Score 37.68 56.87
Rank in State (Top %) 63.34% 37.31%
Student to Teacher Ratio 11.40 11.00
Students with Lunch Subsidy 87.12% 68.96%
Middle School
Avg Test Score 16.26 26.14
Rank in State (Top %) 90.06% 78.80%
Student to Teacher Ratio 13.20 12.10
Students with Lunch Subsidy 87.72% 78.64%
High School
Avg Test Score 28.76 32.57
Rank in State (Top %) 73.72% 69.52%
Student to Teacher Ratio 15.90 12.80
Students with Lunch Subsidy 74.42% 69.27%

Public Schools Assigned to 3417 Bre (Del Valle Independent School District)

Name Distance (mi) Grades Students Test Score Rank in State Rank Change Student/Teacher Ratio With Lunch Subsidy White Hispanic Black Asian
Smith Elementary 1.16 PK-5 458 37.68 2837 out of 4479 (Top 63.34%) 121 11.4 87.12 8.3 81.66 8.52 0.44
John P Ojeda Middle 1.3 6-8 839 16.26 1975 out of 2193 (Top 90.06%) -75 13.2 87.72 4.41 87.49 6.79 0.24
Del Valle High School 5.17 9-12 3135 28.76 1369 out of 1857 (Top 73.72%) -144 15.9 74.42 3.76 84.88 8.93 0.93

Public Schools Assigned to 1900 Dau (Pflugerville Independent School District)

Name Distance (mi) Grades Students Test Score Rank in State Rank Change Student/Teacher Ratio With Lunch Subsidy White Hispanic Black Asian
Parmer Lane Elementary 0.7 PK-5 480 56.87 1671 out of 4479 (Top 37.31%) -905 11 68.96 11.88 67.71 10.42 8.33
Westview Middle 0.52 6-8 763 26.14 1728 out of 2193 (Top 78.80%) -251 12.1 78.64 10.35 61.07 19.53 6.82
John B Connally High School 0.72 9-12 1731 32.57 1291 out of 1857 (Top 69.52%) -92 12.8 69.27 7.63 56.96 18.72 13.92

Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools of choice, meaning that families choose them for their children. They operate with freedom from some of the regulations that are imposed upon district schools. Therefore, if you don't like the public school assigned to your child, you may want to look into charter schools.

Here we have collected information on nearby charter schools that had a better performance (in terms of test scores) than their public school counterparts.

Charter Schools near 3417 Bre


Charter Schools near 1900 Dau


Maptimum's Verdict

Taking all factors into account, we calculated an overall score for the areas. A score of 100 represents an ideal neighborhood.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Overall Score 42.28 44.66

Your Priorities

Decide how important each factor is to you, ranging from Not Important (extreme left) to Very Important (extreme right), and we update the score for each address accordingly.

  3417 Bre 1900 Dau
Your Customized Score 42.28 44.66
Factor Importance
Owner Occupancy
Income Levels
Education Levels
School Quality